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Facts About Seasonal Flu Vaccine

Halloween is around the corner, and you’ve probably already started planning your kids’ Halloween costumes. But in the midst of your preparations, make sure you schedule another important date on your calendar: your flu vaccine. Vaccinating your family with a flu shot in Coppell will help keep them healthy during this year’s flu season.

Why should I get the flu shot?
Your best protection against the flu is a seasonal flu vaccine. At its best, the flu is a pesky illness that will leave you feeling badly and keep you at home. At its worst, the flu can require hospitalization and lead to death. Millions of people get the flu each year, hundreds of thousands are hospitalized from flu-related causes, and thousands die from the flu each year. The flu vaccine helps keep you healthy throughout the season.

How will the flu vaccine benefit me?

  • It lowers the chance of a flu-associated hospitalization.
  • For people with chronic health issues, it reduces the chance of them coming down with the flu.
  • It can provide “herd immunity” by keeping babies, children, and the elderly healthy.
  • It can keep young children from getting sick with the flu.
  • Even if you still get the flu, the vaccine can shorten its duration.
  • It can protect you and your baby during pregnancy.
  • It can help keep you healthy during flu season.

Who in my family should get vaccinated?
The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommends the flu vaccine for anyone six months or older. For the 2018-2019 flu season, there are several types of the flu vaccine, varying according to your age. Your care practitioner will match you with an age-appropriate flu vaccine, including a high-dose vaccine for older adults, a nasal spray, or the standard flu shot.

When should I get the flu shot in Coppell?
It’s important to be vaccinated before the flu hits Coppell. Once you’ve been vaccinated, it takes about two weeks for the antibodies to form in your body and start protecting you. We recommend getting your flu vaccine by the end of October, before flu season ramps up.

Why do I need the flu vaccine again this year?
It’s important to get your flu vaccine annually. The flu virus changes each year, and the vaccine is reformulated accordingly. Getting vaccinated each year gives your body the best protection.

Schedule a flu vaccine with your primary care provider today! When you prioritize the flu vaccine, you’ll give your family the protection they deserve. If you suspect you’re experiencing flu symptoms, call Trusted ER today 469-763-3136 to be tested.